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Israel Pavilion wins second place!

The israeli pavilipn won sevond place in Arts&Crafts at the w016 edmonton heritage festival. Thank you to all the visitors who came to...


Get your name in Hebrew on a bracelet

Want a unique memoriabilia? Get your name written in hebrew blocks on a bracelet. Nownfor only $5 at the Israeli Pavilion


Check out the Tunnel!

Our pavilion this year includes an elaborate ‘tunnel’ entrance. Come check it out


Come see the Israeli Pavilion

We’re open and excited to have you all come. If youve already visited, let us know what your favorite part is


Looking Forward to Seeing You!

We are very excited with our new pavilion this year, we are looking forward to seeing you! Come check us out, and tell us what you think on...


Israeli Accomplishments

For a small country, Israel has made many accomplishments that have changed or are poised to change the world. Here are just a select few...


Tour Israel

Want to plan your next visit in Israel? Here are some links to get you started: Israel Ministry of Tourism Israel Trip Planner Israel on...

wailing wall2

Places to see in Israel

Here are our top 10 places to visit in Israel, in no particular order: Old City, Jerusalem With 3,000 years of history packed into a few...

The flag of Israel in Yad LaShiryon, Latrun, Israel
דגל ישראל ב"יד לשריון", לטרון, ישראל

Israel Facts

Population: 8.5 million Area: 22,072 km2 Distance North-South : 435km  , East-West: 14km at the narrowest , 100km at widest Political...


People of Israel

Baha’i: The number of self-identified Baha’i citizens of Israel has been estimated at more than 14,000. The Baha’i are a...