Israel Facts

Population: 8.5 million

Area: 22,072 km2

Distance North-South : 435km  , East-West: 14km at the narrowest , 100km at widest

Political System: Parliamentary Democracy

Climate: three climate zones- Mediterranian, Semi-Arid, and Desert

Oldest reference of the name ‘Israel’ for that area the area dates back to 1208 BCE

Highest Point: Mt. Hermon 2236 meters

Lower Point: Dead Sea: -430  (lowest point on Earth)

Life Expectancy is 82.07 – one the ten highest in the world

(United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (29 July 2015). “United Nations World Population Prospects: 2015 revision)

Israel ratio of attainment of higher education is the third in the world  (OECD 2014)

Israel had more companies listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange than any country outside the United States, save China


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